Mariano Aridelli – CEO and founder

Founder of Villa Fenix. Thanks to his experiences in the tourism industry and in the field of logistics and technology he brought bring his father’s idea to life. Passionate about technology, he is always looking for new products to improve the service offered and the customer experience.
Contact: mariano@villafenix.it

Lina Mazzariello – Administration

Mariano’s right-hand woman, she is in charge of administration and human resources. Clients, suppliers and banks are her bread and butter. Accurate and punctual, she knows every aspect of the business.
Contact: amministrazione@villafenix.it

Rosa Mazzariello – Operation manager and customer care

At Villa Fenix since the beginning, she is in charge of reservations management and customer care. Guest can always rely on her!
Contact: info@villafenix.it

Roberta Ghidotti – Customer care and customer service

Roberta and Rosa collaborate on customer service and management tasks. Despite having no prior experience in the hotel industry, she has been making an effort since joining the company to learn more about it.
Contact: info@villafenix.it

Stefania Panza – Communication and Marketing

Graduate in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems, she is in charge of Villa Fenix’s communications and marketing department. She manages the company’s social profiles and website.
Contact: stefania@villafenix.it

Ettore e Max – Mascots

The group’s mascots are Ettore the white and Max the black. Always willing to engage in play, accept cuddles, devour tons of biscuits, and give kisses. Their guiding principles are joy, humor, and fun!