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Holiday homes – Guest houses in Bergamo, Osio Sotto and Milan

The myth of the phoenix

The Phoenix, also known as bird of fire, is a mythological bird known for being reborn from the ashes after its death.The Egyptians were the first who mentioned this bird, with the name Bennu. They described the bird as a sparrow reborn from the waters, associated with the Sun, a deity whose emblem was the solar disk.

However, the current image of the Phoenix derives from the Greek culture: a golden eagle with splendid and colorful plumage (gold, purple, pink, blue) and a long feathered tail, rising from its ashes.

Thw word Phoenix derives from the Greek Phòinix, meaning ” purple-red, since in the tradition of ancient myths it was often depicted as a fiery bird. The Phoenix, as  symbol, is found in different cultures, but in spite of different names and descriptions it does not change what it represents: rebirth and the immortality of the spirit.

Your home.. away from home

Foresteria Lombarda Villa Fenix is much more than a guesthouse. It is a place where you can feel at ease, without giving up the pleasure of a “starry” treatment at affordable prices… just like home.

A place of joy and rebirth: this is what Villa Fenix wants to be. It is no coincidence that the name recalls the ancient myth of the Phoenix, a mythological animal that is reborn from its ashes, a symbol of hope and renewal.

As the Latin poet Ovid says in “Metamorphoses,” ” The Phoenix does not live on seeds and herbs, but on drops of incense, and the sap of the cardamom plant. When it has lived for five centuries, it then builds a nest for itself in the topmost branches of a swaying palm tree, using only its beak and talons. As soon as it has lined it with cassia bark, and smooth spikes of nard, cinnamon fragments and yellow myrrh, it settles on top, and ends its life among the perfumes. They say that, from the father’s body, a young phoenix is reborn, destined to live the same number of years.”

Single and double rooms, attics and apartments decorated with love and attention to detail. Foresteria Lombarda Villa Fenix will make your stay unique and give you moments of relaxation and serenity amidst the colors of the lights and the uniqueness of the scents that inspired the creation of each environment. This world of aromas is also recalled in the names of the rooms: Cinnamon, Spigonardo, Myrrh, Incense, Resin and Palm, where you can relax.

The Foresterie Lombarda Villa Fenix in Osio Sotto is located opposite the entrance to the San Marco Hospital in Zingonia, which can be reached simply by crossing the street.

Foresteria Lombarda Villa Fenix in Ponte San Pietro is located within walking distance of the San Pietro Hospital in Ponte San Pietro.

Foresteria Lombarda Villa Fenix in Begamo is located in the historic centre near all the city’s main attractions.

Foresteria Lombarda Villa Fenix Milano is located in the center of Milan 1 km from the Duomo and the city’s main attractions.


Our Locations

Osio Sotto

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Ponte San Pietro

About us

Molto carino e pulito
Roberta Pezzi
Roberta Pezzi
Monolocale con cucina con forno e il necessario per cucinare, bagno con ampia doccia. Grande spazio verde sul retro attrezzato con divano, tavolino, poltroncine e barbecue. Molto comodo per un appoggio per chi deve recarsi al policlinico San Marco: si attraversa la strada e si entra al policlinico.
Simona Stefani
Simona Stefani
Proprietari e personale disponibilissimo e gentilissimi. Stanze pulite, ordinate, bagno in camera ampio e fornito del necessario. Mini frigo in camera e una cucina comune dove poter prepararla da mangiare ( per me che ero da solo con i bimbi è stato molto 0⁰comodo). A distanza di giorni sono dovuto tornare in ospedale per mia moglie e, senza preavviso e GRATIS, la signora si mi ha permesso di posteggiare l'auto all'interno (per evitare la multa) per poter stare accanto a mia moglie durante la notte. Questo va oltre il commercio e gli affari. Sicuramente tornerò per ferie stavolta. Ancora grazie
lino ciarfera
lino ciarfera
Posto tranquillo, silenzioso. Struttura comoda, pulita. Titolari gentili e disponibili.
Andrea Gaspar
Andrea Gaspar
Tutto perfetto! Monolocale grazioso ❤ Complimenti per la pulizia. Ci siamo trovati benissimo. Grazie per tutto! Spriamo di tornare presto!
Mihaela Fartade
Mihaela Fartade
Villa Fenix

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